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Table 3 Selected quotes indicating participants’ perceived physical, mental and social benefits of yoga participation

From: Adapted yoga to improve physical function and health-related quality of life in physically-inactive older adults: a randomised controlled pilot trial

Physical benefits
“I am more mobile and my back doesn’t hurt as much as it used to” (1004, 74 years)
“I do feel more flexible … my legs are a little bit stronger … I’ve got bad shoulders, but they do actually feel a lot better.” (1011, 68 years)
“my shoulder has greatly improved with the yoga … it’s not painful and the mobility is much better” (1103, 67 years)
“taught me how to breathe with my asthma … sometimes I have trouble breathing and she [the instructor] taught me how to breathe through it” (1103, 67 years)
“I got more movement in my shoulder … my hip movement became better … it’s easier going up and down stairs” (1109, 68 years)
“I feel that I’ve got more range of movement, especially in my neck and mostly in my legs and shoulders … I can also bend forwards more easily … I’m sitting better as well.” (1111, 69 years)
“I just got rid of the aches and I feel that I can use my fingers better and also my toes … I thought my walking was faster and my balance was easier” (1404, 77 years)
“I have found more energy” (1415, 83 years)
Mental benefits
“you know the breathing … I do that sometimes if I’m feeling a bit stressed or down … I think it does help” (1011, 68 years)
“I’m a bit prone to panic attacks, and I’ve not any for a few months now, so maybe the yoga’s helped … so that’s a plus point” (1012, 67 years)
“I was a lot calmer from coming back after the yoga” (1103, 67 years)
“I can lay in bed and take different breathing exercises, which relaxes me, calms me down.” (1109, 68 years)
“My mood is better, I think it benefits your mood” (1411, 65 years)
“I sit sometimes and do some of the actions, and I think it helps me when I start feeling depressed and missing [deceased husband’s name], it helps me to relax … I think physical movement helps your mental processes” (1412, 79 years)
“it calmed my mind, and I could think and not feel sad … it relieved the stress and sadness” (1412, 79 years)
“I like all the exercises and the breathing helps me feel calmer” (1302, care home resident, 85 years)
Social benefits
“you make so many friends … you have another circle of friends so that is beneficial” (1004, 74 years)
“we had a laugh, a cup of tea and a chat afterwards” (1011, 68 years)
“we allowed ourselves to have a little chat and a laugh, whilst still getting the work done” (1012, 67 years)
“we all stayed for a chatter afterwards, and that’s very nice” (1103, 67 years)
“I met somebody who I knew from before but didn’t know very well … we conjured up a little relationship. A lot of people don’t see a lot of people, so for some people it [the social aspect] is an added bonus.” (1105, 71 years)
“It was nice getting to meet other people, and I looked forwards to going and meeting them.” (1111, 69 years)
“meeting different women – was very important at my stage of life” (1412, 79 years)
“it’s nice doing things with other people when you live alone … I enjoyed the company” (1415, 83 years)