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Table 1 Description of the ProF-Cog intervention specifying assessment and intervention to address specified fall risk factors

From: Feasibility and efficacy of a multi-factorial intervention to prevent falls in older adults with cognitive impairment living in residential care (ProF-Cog). A feasibility and pilot cluster randomised controlled trial

Risk factor Gait and balance impairment Medication Medical conditions Cognitive impairment Behavioural and psychiatric
Risk factor identified in Whitney et al. [5] Unable to stand 10 s with eyes closed Antidepressant or hypnotic/anxiolytic medication N/a Cognitive function
Attention and concentration
How was it assessed in the MFRA? Able to rise from a chair without assistancea List of medication and doses List of medical conditions
Falls history
Lying /standing BP
Neurological and musculoskeletal examination
ACE-R at baseline FIBS and NPI-NH at baseline
Recommended intervention Gait and balance exercises
Check and maintenance of walking aids
Provision of 3 pairs of hip protectors
Geriatrician review (with possible CGA) if using psychotropic drugs. Geriatrician review (with possible CGA) if Undiagnosed cognitive impairment, dizziness, unexpected falls, orthostatic hypotension, agitated or anxious behaviours. Environmental assessment
Advice of environmental safety and optimising participation on ADLs
Pool activity level and advice on participation in meaningful activities
Dementia care mapping and resulting action plan.
Bed and chair sensors
Intervention not required if Bedbound
Unable to rise from a chair
Unable to follow very simple commands (i.e. get up from the chair)
No culprit medications. No relevant medical conditions identified at assessment All participants included No evidence of impulsivity, wandering, anxiety or agitation.
Proportion offered intervention Exercise = 69%
Hip protectors = 61%
33% 49% 100% DCM = 37%
Sensors =4%
Uptake of the interventionb Completed exercise = 30%
Hip protectors (agreed to wear) = 46%
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  1. FIBS Falls related impulsive behaviour scale, GAS Goldberg Anxiety Scale, NPI (−NH) Neuropsychiatric inventory (nursing home version), MFRA Mutli-factorial falls risk assessment, ACE-R Addenbrookes Cognitive Examination Revised, CGA Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment, ADLS Activities of daily living, DCM Dementia Care Mapping