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Table 3 Reasons for not having advance directives for health care (n = 192)

From: Advance directives and power of attorney for health care in the oldest-old – results of the AgeQualiDe study

Reason Stated by n (%) of the 192 participants without ADsa
“I trust that my relatives will make the right decisions for me.” 114 (59.4)
“I trust that my physicians will make the right decisions for me.” 86 (44.8)
“I did not want to concern myself with the topic ADs.” 54 (28.1)
“I did not have the right contact person or help to prepare an ADs.” 45 (23.4)
“The topic ADs is too complicated for me.” 37 (19.3)
“I have not had the time to deal with the topic ADs so far.” 32 (16.7)
“I have too many concerns regarding the usefulness of an ADs.” 32 (16.7)
“I was not aware of the possibility of preparing an ADs.” 24 (12.5)
Other reasonsb 60 (31.3)
No reasons stated 4 (2.1)
  1. ADs advance directives
  2. aMultiple answers were allowed
  3. bcommon stated other reasons: preparation of ADs is planned/intended (n = 13; 6.8%); no motivation/laziness/carelessness/indifference (n = 19; 9.9%), ADs are not necessary (n = 12; 6.3%)