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Table 2 Multivariable logistic regression on the association between having ADs for health care and participants’ characteristicsa, b

From: Advance directives and power of attorney for health care in the oldest-old – results of the AgeQualiDe study

Characteristicc df Wald’s χ2 p value OR 95%-CI
 Medium vs. low 1 4.886 0.027 1.56 1.05–2.30
 High vs. low 1 1.999 0.157 1.47 0.86–2.50
MMSE score; every additional pointe 1 8.955 0.003 1.15 1.05–1.26
  1. CI confidence interval, df degree of freedom, MMSE Mini-Mental-State Examination, OR odds ratio
  2. amissing data for n = 23 (3.9%) of the 678 participants
  3. bbackward elimination; Nagelkerke’s R2 of the model =0.034
  4. cAge, gender, family status, living situation, subjectively perceived cognitive decline, self-rated health, depression, frailty, and basic and instrumental functional status were excluded from the model
  5. daccording to the new CASMIN educational classification [21]
  6. eThe higher the MMSE score, the better the cognition [18]