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Table 1 Overview of participants, outcomes and questionnaires

From: Effects and meanings of a person-centred and health-promoting intervention in home care services - a study protocol of a non-randomised controlled trial

Participants Outcome Questionnaires
Older people Health and QoL (primary outcomes) Nottingham Health profile, EQ-5D
Thriving The Thriving of Older People Assessment Scale
Satisfaction with care Involvement in decisions and care Personal activity of daily living Quality of Care from the Patient’s Perspective Impact on Participation and Autonomy – Older Persons The KATZ ADL index
Relatives Caregiver burden Caregiver Burden Scale
Satisfaction with care The Pyramid Questionnaire
Informal caregiving engagement The Resource Utilization in Dementia
Personnel Job satisfaction The Measure of Job Satisfaction
Stress of conscience PCC The Stress of Conscience Questionnaire The Person-Centered Care Assessment Tool