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Table 1 Eat Walk Engage program resources, intervention components, program goals, outcomes and evaluation methods. FTE full time equivalent. MDT existing multidisciplinary team

From: CHERISH (collaboration for hospitalised elders reducing the impact of stays in hospital): protocol for a multi-site improvement program to reduce geriatric syndromes in older inpatients

Trained Eat Walk Engage facilitator (0.4 FTE per ward)
Expert facilitation team
Trained Eat Walk Engage assistant (0.5 FTE per ward)
Under guidance of the facilitator:
• MDT develops shared understanding and improvement goals
• MDT identifies local barriers and enablers for nutrition, mobility and cognitive engagement
• MDT clarifies roles and opportunities for delegation to assistant
• MDT initiates small cycle improvements with re-evaluation
Higher proportion of older patients achieve:
• Early and adequate nutrition
• Early mobility and independence
• Meaningful activities and participation
Geriatric syndromes
Length of stay
Institutional discharge
Health care costs
Program staff costs
Training materials and time
i-PARIHS mapping
Baseline interviews, audits
MDT meeting minutes
Facilitator journals
Facilitator interviews
MDT service patterns
Patient interviews
Activity mapping
Mealtime audits
Geriatric syndromes
Length of stay
Discharge destination
30 day health status
Hospital readmissions