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Table 5 Correlation between items and items’ construct total score

From: Reliability and construct validity of the Early Dementia Questionnaire (EDQ)

Subdomain Memory Concentration Physical and emotional symptoms Sleep and environment
Require check list as memory support 0.565**    
Difficulty in remembering events that took place in the past 1 week (recent memory) 0.680**    
Unable to find kept item 0.708**    
Difficulty in remembering names/familiar faces 0.730**    
Difficulty in remembering familiar road directions 0.657**    
Repetitive questioning 0.514**    
Difficulty in following conversation   0.737**   
Difficulty understanding reading   0.804**   
Difficulty following stories on television   0.809**   
Difficulty carrying out daily house chores/work/hobby    0.620**  
Difficulty in taking care/personal hygiene or using the toilet    0.446**  
Disrupted movement (physical restlessness)    0.758**  
Unsuitable reaction towards external stimuli (example: telephone ringing - emotional outburst)    0.712**  
Obsession towards emotional event, although it has taken place long time ago (example: death of family member or friend)    0.575**  
Not interested in surroundings    0.655**  
Looking for support/assurance from partner    0.743**  
Night-day rhythm disruption    0.371**  
Restlessness at night     0.807**
Confusion after moving houses/in a new environment     0.674**
Outsiders aware of changes in term of behavior / appearance     0.675**
  1. **P value was significant at <0.05 | The Pearson’s correlation coefficient is shown