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Table 1 Data collection of the intervention group at the different assessment moments

From: Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of an in-home respite care program in supporting informal caregivers of people with dementia: design of a comparative study

Intervention group Baseline (T0) 14 days after intervention (T1) T0 + 6 months (T2) T0 + 12 months (T3)
Background characteristics
 Age CG + CR X    
 Gender CG + CR X    
 Region CG + CR X    
 Etnicity CG + CR X    
 Marital status CG + CR X    
 Educational level CG + CR X    
 National Registration Number CR X    
 Relationship with CR X    
 Living situation of CG X    
 Employment status CG X    
 Waiting list nursing home X    
 Medication use Dementia-specific CR X   X  
 Earlier use of Baluchon X    
 Reason for respite X    
 Time spent in caregiving X   X  
 Severity of dementia CR X   X  
 ADL functioning CR X   X  
Research outcomes
 Quality of life of CG X   X  
 Burden of CG X X X X
 Frequency of behavioral problems of CR X X X  
 Reaction of CG on behavioral problems of CR X X X  
 Intention to institutionalize the CR X X X X
 Resource use CR X   X  
 Willingness to pay    X  
 Time to nursing home placement CR     X
  1. CG Caregiver, CR care-recipient, ADL Activities of Daily Living