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Table 1 Key concepts and dependency, dependent variables

From: Development of the interRAI home care frailty scale

Concept Measure
Functional Decline ADL status worse as compared to 90 days ago
Overall self sufficiency has deteriorated as compared to 90 days ago
In a typical over last 30 days the person did not leave the house
Cognition/Communication Worsening decision making as compared to status 90 days ago
Worsening communication (making self understood or understands others) as compared to status 90 days ago
Clinical Prognosis Judged to have poor prospects of recovery from current disease or condition, improved health status expected
Has conditions or diseases that make cognition, ADL, mood, or behavior patterns unstable (fluctuations, precarious, or deteriorating)
Experiencing a flare-up of a recurrent or chronic problem
Near end of life: Prognosis of less than 6 months to live or in hospice or receiving respite care
Shortness of breath
Self reported poor health
Presence of a pressure ulcer
Service Use Admitted to hospital for overnight stay in last 90 days
Emergent care – including unscheduled nursing, physician, or therapeutic visits to office or home
Daily nurse monitoring over last 7 days
Physician or clinic visit over last 7 days