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Table 1 List of costs

From: Cost-utility of medication withdrawal in older fallers: results from the improving medication prescribing to reduce risk of FALLs (IMPROveFALL) trial

Cost categories Parameter Source of consumption data Cost price
(€, 2009)
Intervention costs * Study registry Variable
Medication costs DDD Study registry Variable
Hospital stay costs Day Hospital registry 457
Emergency Department costs Visit Hospital registry 151
General Practitioner costs Consultation Questionnaire 28
Specialist consult costs Consultation Hospital registry 72
Home care costs Per hour Questionnaire 35
Physical therapy costs Visit Questionnaire 36
Nursing home costs Day Questionnaire 238
Intermediate care facility costs Day Questionnaire 90
Rehabilitation center costs Day Questionnaire 340
Patient costs (travel costs) Per kilometer Questionnaire Variable**
  1. DDD Defined Daily Dose, GP General Practitioner
  2. *Geratric consultation (€72) + routine blood test (€20) + extra consults (€72)
  3. **Private motor vehicle/public transportation/taxi