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Table 1 Background characteristics (n = 36)

From: Self-management by family caregivers to manage changes in the behavior and mood of their relative with dementia: an online focus group study

Background characteristic Number
Age family caregiver  
 Average age (years): 61  
 Range: 42–80  
Sex family caregiver  
 Men 4
 Women 32
Relationship of family caregiver with person with dementia  
 Partner 17
 Child or child-in-law 19
Highest educational attainment  
 Primary school 3
 High school (preparatory to vocational education) and vocational training 7
 High school (preparatory to university education) 6
 Professional or academic university 16
 Missing 4
Type of dementia of the relative with dementia  
 Alzheimer’s disease 14
 Alzheimer’s disease with vascular components 3
 Vascular dementia 1
 Lewy body dementia 1
 Frontotemporal dementia 1
 Dementia (no further description) 16
First symptoms of dementia (according to the family caregiver)  
 2–5 years ago 10
 6–10 years ago 8
 11–15 years ago 4
 Not reported 14