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Table 3 Associations between the identified dietary patterns with energy and energy-adjusted nutrient intakes and diet quality indices in a representative sample of Lebanese older adults (n = 525)

From: A Lebanese dietary pattern promotes better diet quality among older adults: findings from a national cross-sectional study

Nutrients Western Lebanese High protein/Alcohol
Total energy (Kcal) 0.59b,c 0.44b,d 0.54b,c
Protein (g) −0.29b,c −0.07d 0.48b,e
Carbohydrates (g) 0.21b,c 0.20b,c −0.43b,c
Fat (g) −0.10a,c 0.03d 0.12b,d
 Cholesterol (mg) 0.12b,c −0.30b,d 0.31b,e
 Saturated fat (g) −0.01c,d −0.09a,c 0.06d
 Linoleic acid (g) −0.09a,c 0.07d 0.05d
 Linolenic acid (g) −0.06 −0.03 0.06
Alcohol (g) −0.17b,c −0.23b,c 0.32b,d
Fiber (g) −0.51b,c 0.57b,d 0.10a,e
Vitamin A (μg RE) −0.14b,c 0.17b,d 0.19b,d
Vitamin D (μg) −0.12b,c 0.09a,d 0.05d
Vitamin E (mg) −0.07c 0.09a,d 0.02d
Vitamin K (μg) −0.21b,c 0.38b,d 0.19b,e
Vitamin C (mg) −0.20b,c 0.54b,d −0.02e
Riboflavin (mg) −0.21b,c 0.08d 0.16b,d
Niacin (mg) −0.24b,c 0.07d 0.35b,e
Pyridoxine (mg) −0.44b,c 0.50b,d 0.18b,e
Folate (μg) −0.33b,c 0.49b,d 0.09a,e
Cobalamin (Vit B12) (μg) −0.04c −0.15b,c 0.31b,d
Sodium (mg) 0.19b,c −0.16b,d −0.9b,e
Calcium (mg) −0.14b,c 0.11a,d −0.01e
Iron (mg) −0.22b,c 0.39b,d 0.32b,d,e
Zinc (mg) −0.34b,c 0.03d 0.45b,e
Magnesium (mg) −0.57b,c 0.49b,d 0.25b,e
Phosphorous (mg) -.053b,c 0.26b,d 0.39b,e
Diet Quality Indices (DQIs)    
Alternative Healthy Eating Index (AHEI) −0.50b,c 0.37b,d −0.01e
Alternate Mediterranean Diet Score (aMED) −0.09a,c 0.56b,d 0.21b,e
DASH-style Diet Score −0.38b,c 0.46b,d −0.07e
Lebanese Mediterranean Diet Index (LMD) 0.16b,c 0.67b,d 0.31b,e
Dietary Diversity Score (DDS) 0.02c 0.30b,d 0.29b,d
Breakfast frequency per week −0.11a,c 0.041d 0.02d
  1. a Correlation is significant at the 0.05 level
  2. b Correlation is significant at the 0.01 level
  3. c, d, e Values with different superscripts are significantly different p < 0.05 (Using the Steiger’s Z formula to test the statistical significance of the difference between two dependent correlations)