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Table 5 Characteristics of the participants in the evaluation of the mock-up (n = 12)

From: First steps in designing an all-in-one ICT-based device for persons with cognitive impairment: evaluation of the first mock-up

Persons with cognitive impairment (n = 2)  
 Male/female 1/1
 Age, range 32, 36 years
 Diagnosis Stroke
 Cognitive impairment Memory deficits
 Time since onset 7, 13 months
 Compensatory strategies Memos, mobile phone reminders
Health care professionals (n = 9)  
 Occupational therapists (OTs) 5
 Nurses 3
 Assistive nurse 1
 Age, median (range) SD, years 43 (23–63) 11.5
 Professional experience, median (range) SD years 15 (2–23) 6.9
Significant other (n = 1)  
 Relationship to person with stroke (PS) Spouse
 PS cognitive impairment Neglect, attention deficits
 PS time since onset 7 years
 PS need of support 24 h assistance