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Table 3 Focus group participants’ requirements of the functionalities of the SALIG device for persons with cognitive impairment

From: First steps in designing an all-in-one ICT-based device for persons with cognitive impairment: evaluation of the first mock-up

Icons Requirements of the functionalities of the SALIG device
Contacts Picture dialling. Email and SMS.
Calendar Options:
(Shared) Daily, weekly and monthly views. Schedule tasks and reminders (voice and text). Record own reminders. Schedule repeated tasks: Daily, Monday-Friday, Saturday-Sunday, Weekly, Monthly, Annually. Schedule important tasks that need to be confirmed. Reminders to confirm that prioritised tasks are completed. Confirmation of prioritised tasks. Check if prioritised tasks have been confirmed. SOs and FCs notified if a task has not been confirmed.
Monitoring Options:
Monitor status of equipment at home. Receive reminders if for example windows, door of refrigerator, front door are not closed or if tap or cooker are not turned off. SOs and FCs notified. Possible for SOs and FCs to turn off equipment remotely.
SOs and FCs notified in the event of a fall.
Reminders if meals are not taken at scheduled times. SOs and FCs notified if meals are not taken at scheduled times.
Pillbox Options:
(Synchronised with electronic Pillbox) SOs and FCs notified if the medication is not taken.
Medication schedule.
Information if medication should be taken with food.
View next scheduled dose of medication.
View if medication is taken.
Purpose of taking medication.
Information about the user’s medication allergies.
Picture of medication for recognition.
Care plan View current care plan and previous care plan.
Help me Emergency call to 112.
Support call to a preselected SO for non acute problems via picture dialling.
Settings Mainly for SOs and FCs.
Personal: Register name, role, email, telephone numbers to SOs and FCs.
Functions: Options: Calendar, Monitoring, Communication, Medication, Care plan, Help me.
Look &feel: Set language (Dutch, English, Spanish, Swedish), font size and colour style. Adjustable volume for video calls, voice reminders. Choose ringtone. Choose digital or analogue clock.
Help me: Select a contact to support non acute problems. Register a telephone number as default and if no answer the system should automatically switch to another registered telephone number.
Contacts: Edit name and role, telephone numbers, email, picture.
Calendar: Options:
  Lock editing function for persons with cognitive impairment.
Reminders: Choose 1, 2 or 3 voice reminders after 5, 10 and 15 min time interval as default.
Jingle: Choose from list or upload own jingle.
Display only current monthly view.
Voice message when tapping a scheduled task.
Reminders for charging the battery as default.
Other Login with fingerprints or voice password.
A shared “To-do list”.