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Table 2 Demographics of the participants in the three focus groups (occupational therapists, persons with cognitive impairment and significant others of persons with cognitive impairment)

From: First steps in designing an all-in-one ICT-based device for persons with cognitive impairment: evaluation of the first mock-up

Focus group 1: Occupational therapists (n = 6)  
 Sex, male/female 0/6
 Age, median (range), years 47 (40–54)
 Professional experience, median (range) years 20 (14–29)
Focus group 2: Persons with cognitive impairment (n = 4)  
 Sex, male/female 2/2
 Age, median (range), years 58.5 (33–62)
 Stroke (n) 4
 Time since diagnosis, median (range), months 5.5 (5–36)
 Memory deficits (n) 4
Focus group 3: Significant others of persons with
cognitive impairment, PWCI (n = 4)
 Sex, male/female 2/2
 Age, median (range), years 58 (52–68)
 Relationship to PWCI  
 Spouse (n) 2
 Daughter 1
 Son 1
 Time since PWCI diagnosis, median, (range) years 5.25 (2–10)