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Table 1 Persons with cognitive impairment need of an ICT-based device as support in managing everyday activities

From: First steps in designing an all-in-one ICT-based device for persons with cognitive impairment: evaluation of the first mock-up

Domain Needs of support
Personal Care Remember to have a meal
  Remember to change clothes
  Remember to have a shower
Instrumental activities Remember activities/appointments
of daily living Initiate and complete activities
  Plan the week
  Remember to bring things (mobile, keys, wallet etc.)
  Remember to charge technology
  Remember to buy things
  Remember to take care of the laundry
  Remember to take out the rubbish
  Remember verbal information/series of instructions
  Remember names, numbers, user names, passwords
Find lost items
Health/Well-being Remember to take medication
  Remember to check blood sugar, blood pressure
  Remember to have a rest in the afternoon
  Remember to exercise
Safety/security Remember to turn off home equipment, close windows
  Remember to lock the door
  If falling
  If getting lost