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Table 1 Care and support systems for informal caregivers to persons with dementia in eight European countries

From: Formal support for informal caregivers to older persons with dementia through the course of the disease: an exploratory, cross-sectional study

  National regulations National guidelines Insurances
Estonia Welfare services for the elderly No national guidelines Estonian Health Insurance Fund
Finland The social and health care system Under development National Health Insurance
France Long-term care The Alzheimer’s disease plan “Plan AD 2008–2012” National Health Insurance
Germany Health care and long-term care Three guidelines from different medical scientific societies Long-Term Care Insurance
The Netherlands Within the Health Insurance Act and the Social Support Act “National Dementia Program” Exceptional Medical Expenses Act (AWBZ): informal caregivers can apply for needs assessment
Spain Universal Health Coverage No national guidelines Cohesion Fund
Law 39/2006: promotion of personal autonomy and care of people with dependency
Sweden Within the Social Services Act and the Health and Medical Service Act National guidelines for care and service for dementia National Health Insurance
England Within the Community Care Act and the National Health Service Act The National Dementia Strategy for England The National Health Service (NHS)