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Table 3 Health-related quality-of-life estimates for Alzheimer’s disease

From: Can the general public use vignettes to discriminate between Alzheimer’s disease health states?

Health state EQ-5D-5La QoL-ADb
Mean Mean
Mild 0.65 26.7
Moderate 0.51 23.0
Severe 0.25 17.4
Difference: Mild - Moderate 0.15c 3.7c
Difference: Mild - Severe 0.41c 9.3c
Difference: Moderate - Severe 0.27c 5.6c
  1. CI confidence interval, QoL-AD Quality-of-life – Alzheimer’s Disease
  2. aEQ-5D-5L responses were converted into health utility scores (0 = death; 1 = perfect health); means and mean differences were rounded to two decimal places
  3. bScore range 13 to 52: lower scores indicate poorer health-related quality-of-life
  4. c p <0.0001