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Table 2 interview guide

From: Immigrants with dementia in Swedish residential care: an exploratory study of the experiences of their family members and Nursing staff

Questions were used in interviews with enrolled nurses • Can you describe an ordinary working day!
• What is your experience of caregiving of immigrants with dementia?
• How do you communicate to make yourself understood?
• What cultural commonalities/differences are there between the residents?
• What cultural differences are there?
Questions were used in interviews with family members • Can you tell me why your mother/father/spouse moved to the group home?
• What do you think your loved one experienced moving to a group home?
• How do you think he/she has accepted their new housing arrangements?
• How do you think they manage communication here, not speaking each other’s languages?
• What kind of cultural commonalities/differences are there in the care of people with dementia here [in Sweden] and in your country?
• How do you experience your visits here (to the group home)?