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Table 1 Baseline assessment in AugUR

From: The German AugUR study: study protocol of a prospective study to investigate chronic diseases in the elderly

Category Item Instrument Method/apparatus used
General factors Age, sex, ethnicity, martial status Q Interview
  Education, profession Q Interview
  Nutritional habits Q Interview
  Smoking, alcohol consumption Q Interview
  Light exposure Q Interview
Quality of life Subjective health status, general condition Q Interview
Anthropometry Height, weight P Measuring station
and fitness Waist and hip circumferences P Measuring tape
  Hand grip strength P Dynamometer
  Physical activity Q Interview
Medication Current medication intake Q Interview
Ophthalmological Eye diseases and eye injuries Q/P Interview, DRS, OCT
Phenotyping Ocular fundus P DRS, OCT
  Visual acuity P ETDRS, Amsler
Cardiovascular Cardiovascular diseases Q Interview
Phenotyping Blood pressure, pulse rate P Automatic device
  Ankle-brachial index P Vascular Explorer
  Aortic pulse wave velocity P Vascular Explorer
  Augmentation index P Vascular Explorer
  Left/right ventricular mass and function P Echocardiography
  Assessment of heart valves P Echocardiography
Diabetes History of diabetes, diabetes medications Q Interview
  Skin autofluorescence P AGE reader
  Serum glucose, HbA1c L External laboratory
Blood parameters Blood cell count L External laboratory
  Mean corpuscular cell volume L External laboratory
  Mean corpuscular hemoglobin content L External laboratory
  Mean cellular hemoglobin concentration L External laboratory
  C-reactive protein L External laboratory
  LDL-, HDL-, total cholesterol, triglycerides L External laboratory
Urine parameters Albumin:Creatinine, Protein:Creatinine ratio L Clinitek
  Glucose, ketone, nitrite, pH L Clinitek
  Erythrocyte and leukocyte count L Clinitek
Other diseases Respiratory tract diseases Q Interview
  Kidney diseases Q Interview
  Arthritic diseases Q Interview
  Skin diseases Q Interview
  Liver diseases Q Interview
  Cancer Q Interview
  1. self-reported information obtained by questionnaire, L laboratory analysis, P physical examination, HBA 1c glycated hemoglobin, LDL low-density lipoprotein, HDL high-density lipoprotein, AGE advanced glycation end products, DRS digital retinography system, OCT optical coherence tomography, ETDRS early treatment diabetic retinopathy study