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Table 1 Comparison of similar items between MMSE and MoCA

From: Relationship between the Montreal Cognitive Assessment and Mini-mental State Examination for assessment of mild cognitive impairment in older adults

Domain names MMSE MoCA
Items Points Items Points
Orientation Orientation to time and place 10 Orientation to time and place 6
Attention and Calculation Spell WORLD backwardsa 5 Serial 7’s 6
Vigilance test for letter “A”
Digit span (5 forward, 3 backward)
Comprehension/Executive Function Follow 3-stage command 4 Verbal fluency for letter F 4
Trailmaking Test (brief version)
Abstraction (word similarities)
Read and obey command
Core Naming (pencil, watch) 6 Naming (lion, rhinoceros, camel) 12
Recall (>10 s delay, 3 words),
Recall (5 words after 5 min delay)
Visuoconstructional (copy intersecting pentagons)
Visuoconstructional (copy cube and draw clock face)
Items not included in domains selected for our analysis Registration (3 trials, 3 words) 5 Repetition (2 longer sentences) 2
Repetition (1 short sentence)
Write a sentence
Total Score   30   30
  1. Items were selected to comprise domains used in stepwise regression analyses to distinguish MCI from HC subjects
  2. ADNI Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative, HC healthy control, MCI mild cognitive impairment, MMSE Mini-mental State Exam, MoCA Montreal Cognitive Assessment
  3. aSerial 7’s were not used for Attention and calculation in the MMSE in ADNI