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Table 2 Social cohesion and belonging by neighborhood social deprivation

From: Social cohesion and belonging predict the well-being of community-dwelling older people

  10% worst neighborhoods All neighborhoods
  Disagree (%) Disagree (%)
Social cohesion   
I visit my neighbors in their homes. 91% 51%
The friendships and associations I have with other people in my neighborhood mean a lot to me. 74% 25%
If I needed advice about something, I could go to someone in my neighborhood. 80% 27%
I believe my neighbors would help in an emergency. 40% 10%
I borrow things and exchange favors with my neighbors. 92% 61%
I would be willing to work together with others on something to improve my neighborhood. 70% 48%
I rarely have a neighbor over to my house to visit. 36% 39%
I regularly stop and talk with people in my neighborhood. 56% 22%
Social belonging   
Overall, I am attracted to living in this neighborhood. 33% 6%
I feel like I belong to this neighborhood. 50% 8%
Given the opportunity, I would like to move out of this neighborhood. 32% 76%
I plan to remain a resident of this neighborhood for a number of years. 40% 9%
I like to think of myself as similar to the people who live in this neighborhood. 56% 14%
Living in this neighborhood gives me a sense of community. 84% 26%
Overall, I think this is a good place to bring up children. 64% 23%