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Table 1 Measurements and Test Administrations at T1, T2, T3, and T4 for Participants and Caregivers

From: The effects of observation of walking in a living room environment, on physical, cognitive, and quality of life related outcomes in older adults with dementia: a study protocol of a randomized controlled trial

Measures MMSE 15-25 MMSE <15 Caregiver
Physical activity    
    Actometer, worn 24/7 (M10) X X  
Physical performance    
  Physical functioning    
    TUG (+sensors) X X  
    4MWS (+sensors) X X  
    STS X X  
    Katz ADL    X
    MMSE Xa Xa  
    8WT X   
    Digit Span X X  
    VMS X   
    Face recognition X   
    Picture recognition X   
    Picture completion X X  
    Letter fluency X   
    Category fluency I (animals) X X  
    Category fluency II (professions) X X  
QoL related    
  Rest-activity rhythm    
   Actometer, worn 24/7 (IS, IV, RA, M10, L5) X X  
   DQoL X X  
    Cornell Scale    X
  1. Note. MMSE = Mini-Mental State Examination; M10 = Most active period of 10 hours; TUG = Timed Up and Go test; 4MWS = Four Meter Walking Speed test; STS = Sit to Stand test; ADL = Activities of daily living; 8WT = Eight words test; VMS = Visual Memory Span; QoL = Quality of life; IS = Interdaily Stability; IV = Intradaily Variability; RA = Relative Amplitude; L5 = Least active period of five hours; DQoL = Dementia Quality of Life.
  2. aAdministration pre-baseline used as score at T1.