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Table 1 Study procedures at various stages of the AVEC trial

From: The rationale and design of the antihypertensives and vascular, endothelial, and cognitive function (AVEC) trial in elderly hypertensives with early cognitive impairment: Role of the renin angiotensin system inhibition

Visit Screen Enrollment Baseline Titrate* Follow-up
Months 0 2-4 weeks 1 2-3 3 6 12
Informed Consent/Eligibility X X     X  
Medication Inventory   X X X X X X
Weight/Height    X    X X
Blood pressure (2 every 5 min) X X X X X X X
Psychological Assessment X   X    X X
Cerebrovascular Assessment    X    X X
Biochemical Measures   X   X X X X
Renin/Aldosterone    X    X X
Adverse Events Screening     X X X X
  1. If a titration of medication needed baseline will be performed after titration and before randomization