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Table 1 Workshop community gerontology topics

From: Implementation of an active aging model in Mexico for prevention and control of chronic diseases in the elderly

Age, aging and aged Gender and aging Nails care in the elderly
Second World Assembly on Aging Sexuality in older adults Foots care in the elderly
Active aging Accidents in the elderly Skin care in the elderly
Successful aging Chronic diseases in the aging Sleep hygiene in the elderly
Healthy aging and functionality Prevention of diseases Physical exercise and aging
Empowerment in the aging Diabetes mellitus Mouth and teeth care in the elderly
Gerontological promoters Arterial hypertension Dental prosthesis care in the aging
Self-care, mutual-help and self-promotion Mild cognitive impairment Social-support nets
Gerontological care model Depression Thanatology
Age-related biological changes Cancer Leisure and aging
Age-related psychological changes Osteoporosis Self-esteem and aging
Age-related social changes Polypharmacy Laws and aging
Ageism Vaccination in the aging Abuse and aging
The elderly and their families Nutrition in the aging Life quality and aging