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Figure 3

From: Implementation of an active aging model in Mexico for prevention and control of chronic diseases in the elderly

Figure 3

Gerontological care model. Primary Gerontological Health Care Unit linked to Institutions of Higher Education in Gerontology is responsible for the design and implementation of educational programs and guides the training of the gerontological promoters for the development of mutual-help groups (gerontological nucleus). A gerontological nuclei is a group integrated by 10 to 15 older adults of nearby communities with similar interests. They are mainly involved in the practice of self-care, mutal-help, and self-promotion guidelines established by the program. The model is addressed toward the following objectives: (i) the supervision of the gerontological health status of participants in the program; (ii) the training of qualified gerontological health care promoters, certified on the basis of a formal continuous education program offered by a renowned academic institution; (iii) to provide orientation and guidance to families with regard to basic care practices with both healthy and sick older adults; (iv) to promote the social and gerontological development of the older populations in Mexico.

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