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Table 1 Questions on lifestyle and health status

From: Antihypertensive and lipid lowering treatment in 70–74 year old individuals – predictors for treatment and blood-pressure control: a population based survey. The Hordaland Health Study (HUSK)

Physical activity
Which level of physical activity have you had during the last year?
   • Easy exercise:none, less than 1 hour/week, 1–2 hours/week, 3 hours or more/week
   • Hard exercise:none, less than 1 hour/week, 1–2 hour/week, 3 hours or more/week
Use of alcohol
   • Are you totally abstinent from alcohol? Yes/no
   • How many times a month do you usually drink alcohol? Number of times:
   • How many glasses of beer, wine or spirits do you usually drink during a two-week period? Number of glasses:
   • Do you smoke cigarettes daily? Yes/no
   • If you used to be a daily smoker, since when did you quit? Number of years:
   • If you are or were a daily smoker, how many cigarettes do or did you usually smoke during a day? Number of cigarettes:
   • For how many years have you been a daily smoker? Number of years:
General health
• How is your present general state of health? Bad/not quite good/good/very good*
Depressed mood
Have you felt down/depressed during the last two weeks? Yes/a little/
considerably/very much**
  1. * Less than good general health: bad or not so good
  2. ** Depressed mood: yes or a little