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Table 4 Measurement scheme

From: Design and pilot results of a single blind randomized controlled trial of systematic demand-led home visits by nurses to frail elderly persons in primary care [ISRCTN05358495]

Health screener Instrument T-1 T0 T1 T2
     6 months 18 months
Functional Health status COOP-WONCA X   X X
Cognitive decline IQCODE self report X    
Depressive symptoms CES-D X   X X
Chronic diseases Chronic diseases list X    X
Mobility and Falls Questionnaire X   X X
Body Mass Index Questionnaire X    
Weight change Questionnaire X    
Demographics Questionnaire X    
Behavioral problems Questionnaire X    
Incontinence Questionnaire X   X X
Main Outcomes      
a. Health related Quality of life SF36 + EQ5D   X X X
b. Hospital admissions Patient + hospital database   X X X
c. (Days until) Institutionalization PCP + nursing homes     X
d. (Days until) Mortality Relatives + PCP     X
e. Health resource utilization Self report + PCP + hospital + pharmacy databases   X X X
  1. PCP = Primary Care Physician
  2. GARS = Groningen Activity Restriction Scale
  3. CES-D = Center for Epidemiological Studies – Depression Scale
  4. IQCODE = Informant Questionnaire on Cognitive Decline in the Elderly
  5. SF36 = Short Form 36 item version
  6. EQ5D = EuroQuality of life
  7. X = measurement
  8. T-1 = pre randomization health screening
  9. T0 = Measurement immediately after randomization
  10. T1, T2 = Follow-up measurements