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Figure 3 | BMC Geriatrics

Figure 3

From: The six-minute walk test in community dwelling elderly: influence of health status.

Figure 3

Predicted and Actual 6-Minute Walk Distance in Community Dwelling Elderly. The bullets represent individual values according to the attributed health category: Green bullets Health Category A, Yellow bullets Health Category B1, Red bullets Health Category B2 and Black bullets Health Category C. The lines represent the fit line and the 95% confidence interval. The predicted values are based upon the proposed multiple linear regression model 6MWT-distance predicted (m) = 1192 - (6 × age) - (57 × health category) -(69 × gender) with age expressed in years; 0 for male and 1 for female; 1 for health-category A, 2 for health-category B 1, 3 for health-category B 2, 4 for health-category C. The standard error of the estimate is 147 m.

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