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Table 2 Details of Included Studies

From: Subcutaneous dextrose for rehydration of elderly patients – an evidence-based review

Study No of Patients Type of Study Conclusions Appraiser's Comments
Rochon et al 1997 [2] 13 studies included Systematic Review Hypodermoclysis of 40 g/L dextrose and 30 mmol/L NaCl or 5% dextrose solution and 4 g/L NaCl is safe and effective Limited search strategy. Minimal appraisal of validity of included studies.
Slesak et al 2003 [3] 96 Randomised Controlled Trial Hypodermoclysis of half-normal saline-glucose 5% is well accepted by elderly patients and is of comparable efficacy and safety to IV rehydration. Large number of switches between treatment groups and used non-validated measures of discomfort and feasibility.
O'Keeffe & Lavan 1996 [4] 60 Randomised Controlled Trial SC or IV infusion have comparable efficacy and safety. SC infusion is better tolerated by elderly confused patients Data on dextrose solutions not reported separately. No blinding.
Dasgupta, Binns & Rochon 2000[5] 55 Cohort Study Hypodermoclysis with two-thirds 5% glucose and one-third normal saline or normal saline was as effective as IV infusion and associated with local reactions and complications. Substantial methodological weaknesses. Allocation to treatment based on physician preference, small sample size in IV group, non-validated outcome measures.