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Table 1 Resistance Exercise Description

From: The Feasibility of performing resistance exercise with acutely ill hospitalized older adults

Exercise Goal Technique
Single leg extension (Figure 1a) To strengthen the quadriceps muscle while maintaining proper alignment of the knee hip, and ankle. 1. Place the legs over a half-barrel (facilitates proper positioning).
   2. Place a weight on the ankle ~70% of the 1RM.
   3. On exhalation, while keeping the upper leg on the barrel, extend the knee of 1 leg to a fully lengthened position.
   4. Lower the leg on the inhale.
Heel drag (Figure 1c) To strengthen the hamstring muscles. 1. Wrap a sling in a figure 8 around the foot and ankle, so that a small ring is positioned at the heel (Figure 1b).
   2. Attach one end of a spring to this ring.
   3. Attach the other end of the spring to the bed in line with the median sagittal plane of the leg and at a distance that will achieve muscle fatigue after 10 repetitions.
   4. Lie in a supine position with the working leg flexed at a 110° angle and the resting leg extended.
   5. Exhale, activate the gluteal and hamstring muscles, then move the foot as close to the buttock as possible.
   6. Afterwards, on the inhale, return to the starting position.
Bilateral leg extension (Figure 1d) To strengthen the adductor muscles of the thigh and the muscles of the pelvic floor. 1. Lie supine with legs over the barrel and the pelvis in a neutral position with a 4-inch piece of dense foam between the knees.
   2. To activate the adductor muscles of the thigh, squeeze the foam, then simultaneously extend both legs on the exhale.
   3. Return to the starting position on the inhale.
Plantarflexion (Figure 1e) To strengthen the muscles used for plantarflexion. 1. Wear a shoe or a boot with a rigid bottom.
   2. Choose a length of theraband™ that will fatigue the plantarflexor muscles after 10 repetitions. Place the middle of the theraband™ around the sole of the shoe and hold the two free ends of the theraband.
   3. Plantarflex the foot on the exhale.
   4. Return to starting position on the inhale.
Dorsiflexion (Figure 1f) To strengthen the muscles used for dorsiflexion. 1. Attach a nylon circular band to one end of a spring.
   2. Loop the band around the top of the foot then attach the other end of the spring to the bottom of the bed at a distance that provides enough tension to fatigue the muscle
   3. Dorsiflex the foot on the exhale and return to the starting position on the inhale.
Side lying diamond (Figure 1g) To strengthen the gluteal muscles, the abductor muscles of the thigh, and the lateral rotators of the hip. 1. Lie on the side, making sure that the shoulders, trunk and pelvis are perpendicular to the bed, with the hips and knees flexed at a 45-degree angle and the heels together. Place a weight over the distal thigh, if necessary, to achieve the appropriate resistance.
   2. While exhaling, press the heels together to engage the gluteal muscles, then open the top leg to make a diamond shape.
   3. On the inhale, return the leg to the starting position.
  1. RM, repetition maximum.