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Table 2 Recommended Approaches to Engaging Physicians and Medical Directors in Quality Improvement

From: Approaches to quality improvement in nursing homes: Lessons learned from the six-state pilot of CMS's Nursing Home Quality Initiative

Approaches implemented by nursing home providers  
Identify a physician champion in the nursing home that could involve other physicians in improving the systems of care that physicians impact directly
Implement pre-printed fax-back forms to physicians that include all fields of information required by physician, relevant to various clinical topics (e.g., pain), to enhance communication between physician and nursing home staff
Involve local hospice to provide training on pain management to physicians and nursing home staff
Approaches implemented by QIO staff  
Offer training session to medical directors on the role of the medical director in nursing home quality improvement
Write column in monthly newsletter to providers on the role of the medical director and attending physicians in nursing home quality
Offer coaching to nursing home staff on how to give physicians the information they need to make a decision
Partner with the local chapter of the American Medical Directors Association (AMDA) to advocate for involvement in quality improvement among medical directors and physicians