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Table 1 List of measures collected at baseline (BA), 6 month (6A), and 12 month assessments (12A) for all study participants

From: Can a tailored exercise and home hazard reduction program reduce the rate of falls in community dwelling older people with cognitive impairment: protocol paper for the i-FOCIS randomised controlled trial

Information collected for all participants BA 6A 12A O
Age, gender, marital status, education, occupation, place and type of residence and number of co-habitants Y N N N
General health and function     
Disease history, medication use, assistive walking device and detailed information on previous falls and fractures Y N N N
The Incidental and Planned Exercise Questionnaire (IPEQ) will provide estimates of the frequency and duration of planned and casual day-to-day activities [16] Y N Y S
Disability Assessment for Dementia to assess everyday functioning [17] Y N Y S
Quality of life     
The EQ5D-5 L is a widely used utility-based quality of life instrument for estimating QALYs for economic evaluations [18] Y Y Y S
Fear of falling will be assessed using Icon-FES. The scale has excellent reliability, validity for people with CI, and responsiveness-to-change [19] Y N Y S
The 15-item Geriatric Depression Scale will assess symptoms of depression [20] Y N Y S
The 9-item Goldberg Anxiety Scale will assess symptoms of generalised anxiety [21] Y N Y S
Frontal Assessment Battery [22] Y N Y S
Addenbrooke’s Cognitive Examination (ACE-III) [23] Y N Y S
Physical measures     
The Physiological Profile Assessment (measures visual contrast sensitivity, proprioception, quadriceps strength, simple reaction time, and postural sway while standing on a foam rubber mat with eyes open) [24]. Y Y Y S
Short Physical Performance Battery [25] Y Y Y S
The Maximal Balance Range test (assesses the ability to lean as far forward and backwards as possible) Y Y Y S
The Coordinated Stability test (assesses the body position in a steady and coordinated manner near the limits of their base of support). Y Y Y S
Carer interview and questionnaires     
Carer burden will be assessed with the Zarit Burden of Care Index [26] Y N Y S
The EQ5D-5 L for estimating QALYs for economic evaluations [18] Y Y Y S
The Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) [27] will be administered to consenting carers over 65 years Y N N N
Caregiver skill enhancement will be measured using the Task Management Strategy Index [12] Y N Y S
Falls and health service use     
Falls and fall related injuries (monthly diaries) [28]     P
Planned and unplanned use of health services (monthly diaries)     S
  1. Note: Y = YES, N = NO, BA = Baseline assessment, 6A = 6 month assessment, 12RA = 12 month reassessment.
  2. O = Outcome measure, S = Secondary, P = Primary.