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Table 1 List of 46 chronic conditions based on ICD-10 codes

From: Multimorbidity and long-term care dependency—a five-year follow-up

No. Chronic condition ICD-10 codes
1 Hypertension I10–I15
2 Lipid metabolism disorders E78
3 Chronic low back pain M40–M45, M47, M48.0–M48.2, M48.5–M48.9 M50–M54
4 Severe vision reduction H17–H18, H25–H28, H31, H33, H34.1–H34.2, H34.8–H34.9, H35–H36, H40, H43, H47, H54
5 Joint arthrosis M15–M19
6 Diabetes mellitus E10–E14
7 Chronic ischemic heart disease I20, I25, I21
8 Thyroid diseases E01–E05, E06.1–E06.3, E06.5, E06.9, E07
9 Cardiac arrhythmias I44–I45, I46.0, I46.9, I47–I48, I49.1–I49.9
10 Obesity E66
11 Hyperuricemia/gout E79, M10
12 Prostatic hyperplasia N40
13 Lower limb varicosis I83, I87.2
14 Liver disease K70, K71.3–K71.5, K71.7, K72.1, K72.7, K72.9, K73–K74, K76
15 Depression F32–F33
16 Asthma/COPD J40–J45, J47
17 Gynecological problems N81, N84–N90, N93, N95
18 Atherosclerosis/PAOD I65–I66, I67.2, I70, I73.9
19 Osteoporosis M80–M82
20 Renal insufficiency N18–N19
21 Cerebral ischemia/chronic stroke I60–I64, I69, G45
22 Cardiac insufficiency I50
23 Severe hearing loss H90, H91.0, H91.1, H91.3, H91.8, H91.9
24 Chronic cholecystitis/gallstones K80, K81.1
25 Somatoform disorders F45
26 Hemorrhoids I84
27 Intestinal diverticulosis K57
28 Rheumatoid arthritis/chronic polyarthritis M05–M06, M79.0
29 Cardiac valve disorders I34–I37
30 Neuropathies G50–G64
31 Dizziness H81–H82, R42
32 Dementia F00–F03, F05.1, G30, G31, R54
33 Urinary incontinence N39.3–N39.4, R32
34 Urinary tract calculi N20
35 Anemia D50–D53, D55–D58, D59.0–D59.2, D59.4–D59.9, D60.0, D60.8, D60.9, D61, D63–D64
36 Anxiety F40–F41
37 Psoriasis L40
38 Migraine/chronic headache G43, G44
39 Parkinson’s disease G20–G22
40 Cancer C00–C14, C15–C26, C30–C39, C40–C41, C43–C44, C45–C49, C50, C51–C58, C60–C63, C64–C68, C69–C72, C73–C75, C81–C96, C76–C80, C97, D00–D09, D37–D48
41 Allergy H01.1, J30, L23, L27.2, L56.4, K52.2, K90.0, T78.1, T78.4, T88.7
42 Chronic gastritis/GERD K21, K25.4–K25.9, K26.4–K26.9, K27.4–K27.9, K28.4–K28.9, K29.2–K29.9
43 Sexual dysfunction F52, N48.4
44 Insomnia G47, F51
45 Tobacco abuse F17
46 Hypotension I95
  1. COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; PAOD, peripheral arterial occlusive disease; GERD, gastroesophageal reflux disease.