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Table 1 Key areas of focus, outcomes of interest and data sources

From: Connecting the person with dementia and family: a feasibility study of a telepresence robot

Area of focus Description Study questions Outcomes of interest Data sources
Acceptability & Integration How the participants and the staff and family react to using Giraff To what extent is the Giraff suitable to implement in a long-term care facility? Perceived acceptability Interviews with Family (n = 6) & staff (n = 7)
Implementation & Practicality The likelihood the Giraff can be implemented as planned and delivered when resources, time and commitment are constrained To what extent can the Giraff be successfully implemented with participants? Degree of errors, resourcing, factors influencing implementation (e.g. staff time) Trial data log and Researcher log
Efficacy The reactions of participants to using Giraff To what extent does Giraff show promise of encouraging engagement and positive mood change in people with dementia? Evidence of trends in predicted direction of mood change Video observations
Adaptation Is there a need to change or adapt Giraff for the environment? To what extent can Giraff be used in its current state? Degree of errors Trial data log and research team reflections