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Table 2 Measurements

From: German adaptation of the Resources for Enhancing Alzheimer’s Caregiver Health II: study protocol of a single-centred, randomised controlled trial

Point of measurement Measures
Baseline assessment:  
- caregiver sociodemographics - sociodemographic data questionnaire
Baseline assessment with regard to people with dementia:  
- sociodemographic information - sociodemographic data questionnaire
- degree of cognitive impairment - SIDAM score
Primary outcome:  
- caregiver burden - ZBI
Secondary outcomes:  
- depression - PHQ-4
- somatisation - PHQ-15
- health-related quality of life - SF-12
- social support - ESSI
Secondary outcomes with regard to people with dementia:  
- health-care service utilisation - 1 question
- problem behaviour - RMBC
  1. Note. SIDAM = Structured Interview for Diagnosing Alzheimer-Type Dementia, Multi-Stroke Dementia, and Dementias of other Aetiology according to DSM-III-R and ICD-10); ZBI = Zarit Burden Inventory; PHQ-4 = Patient Health Questionnaire - 4 items; PHQ-15 = Patient Health Questionnaire -15 items; SF-12 = Short-Form Health Survey -12 items; ESSI = ENRICHD Social Support Inventory; RMBC = Revised Memory and Behaviour Checklist.