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Table 1 Exemplary structure of an intervention session

From: German adaptation of the Resources for Enhancing Alzheimer’s Caregiver Health II: study protocol of a single-centred, randomised controlled trial

Prior to a session, the interventionist reviews the risk worksheet
1) Brief explanation of the focus of the session and how it will be structured
2) Explanation of the participation in social support groups
3) Interventionist checks and evaluates with the caregiver the strategies, material, and use of the handbook offered in previous sessions
4) Interventionist identifies and initiates a problem-solving approach focusing on the caregiver’s individual risk behaviour or problems
5) Interventionist provides training in different stress management techniques
6) Closure for each session:
  a) establishing date/time of next session
  b) briefly reviewing problem areas
  c) briefly reviewing strategies used
  d) helping the caregiver implement strategies in daily routine
At the conclusion of the session, the interventionist completes a protocol of the session