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Table 2 Correlations between calcaneal QUS measures, phalangeal RA T-score, and central DXA

From: Calcaneal quantitative ultrasound and Phalangeal radiographic absorptiometry alone or in combination in a triage approach for assessment of osteoporosis: a study of older women with a high prevalence of falls

Pearsons correlation QUS BUA QUS SOS QUS SI T-score RA T-score DXA femoral neck BMD DXA total hip BMD DXA lumbar spine BMD
QUS BUA 1.00       
QUS SOS 0.73 1.00      
QUS SI T-score 0.94 0.91 1.00     
RA T-score 0.49 0.43 0.50 1.00    
DXA femoral neck BMD 0.48 0.36 0.46 0.42 1.00   
DXA total hip BMD 0.63 0.51 0.62 0.43 0.83 1.00  
DXA lumbar spine BMD 0.43 0.39 0.45 0.38 0.42 0.59 1.00
  1. Pearson’s correlations coefficient between calcaneal QUS measures, phalangeal RA and central DXA. Abbreviations: DXA Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry, QUS Quantitative Ultrasound, RA Radiographic Absorptiometry, BUA Broadband Ultrasound Attenuation, SOS Speed of Sound, SI Stiffness Index.