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Table 2 Frequency of responses to survey questions regarding the benefits and barriers of physical activity

From: Physical activity in Iranian older adults who experienced fall during the past 12 months

Perceived benefits   No. %
  Physical activity improves my mental health 19 10.6
  Physical activity make me feel better in general 29 16.1
  Physical activity improve my balance 24 13.3
  Physical activity improve my flexibility 26 14.4
  Physical activity reduce risk of falling 17 9.4
  Physical activity helps me sleep better at night 24 13.3
  I will live longer if I were physically active 55 30.6
  I have a more positive outlook on life with physical activity 27 15
  Physical activity lets me keep in contact with friends 73 40.6
  Physical activity is fun for me 65 36.1
Perceived barriers    
  I fear of falling 67 37.2
  I am too sick to be physically active 81 45.0
  I have lack of motivation 51 28.3
  I am too exhausted to do physical activity 47 26.1
  I don’t have anyone to do physical activity with 67 37.2
  I don’t have secure environment to be physically active 67 37.2