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Table 2 Items completed by patients assessed with the CHS and the SOF frailty index*

From: Prevalence of frailty and its ability to predict in hospital delirium, falls, and 6-month mortality in hospitalized older patients

  CHS index (N = 220 patients) SOF index (N = 204 patients)
  Total number Positive Total number Positive
CHS items     
  Weight loss 220 62   
  Reduced energy level 220 35   
  Reduced physical activity 220 69   
  Slow walking speed 200 187   
  Reduced grip strength 209 158   
SOF items     
  Weight loss    220 62
  Inability to rise 5 times from a chair    203 159
  Reduced energy level    220 35
  1. Abbreviations: CHS Cardiovascular Health Study, SOF Study of Osteoporotic Fracture.
  2. *For each frailty index, the number of a specific item can be lower than the total number of patients available for assessment because not all 5 (CHS index) or 3 (SOF index) items need to be present for evaluating the frailty status (see text).