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Table 3 Reported odd’s ratio’s (OR) for nursing home residence of included studies for survival after CPR

From: Pre-arrest predictors of survival after resuscitation from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in the elderly a systematic review

  Prognostic factor Crude ORs (95% CI) OR in multivariate analysis (95% CI) Factors included in multivariate analysis Outcome
Iwami 2006 [38] Nursing home (witnessed cases) vs. arrest in other place 0.96 (0.39-2.4) NR Not applicable 1 year survival
Applebaum 1990 [19] Nursing home residents vs. matched cohort 0.14 (0.04-0.61) NR Not applicable Surivival to discharge
Kim 2000 [32] Arrest in nursing home NR 0.61 (0.31-1.20) Witnessed arrest, initial rhythm, sex, age, provision of bystander CPR, location of arrest Survival to discharge
Awoke 1992 [20] No comparison made: “no resident survived to discharge from the hospital”     Survival to discharge
Deasy 2011 [30] Nursing home residency vs. arrest at home/public place/other (non shockable rhythms) NR 0.26 (0.11-0.60) Witnessed arrest, year in which arrest took place, sex, provision of bystander CPR, EMS response time, location of arrest. Survival to hospital discharge
Ghusn 1995 [17] Patients admitted alive: Nursing home residents vs.. matched cohort of older community residing persons 1.15 (0.55-2.45) NR   Survival to discharge