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Table 2 Examples of dementia-specific learning outcomes mapped to the overarching outcomes of Tomorrow’s Doctors

From: Teaching and learning about dementia in UK medical schools: a national survey

GMC outcome domain Example learning outcomes Number (%) of schools with relevant learning outcome
The doctor as a scientist and scholar (knowledge) Describe the brain changes that occur in dementia 11 (73%)
Classify dementia according to cause
The doctor as a practitioner (skills) Take a relevant history, including an informant history 12 (80%)
Perform a mental state examination including an examination of cognitive function.
Outline an investigation plan
Summarise the special considerations in prescribing psychotropic medications in the elderly
The doctor as a professional (attitudes/behaviour) Explain the medico-legal issues associated with dementia 10 (67%)
  Have an understanding of why care-giving for people with dementia is difficult