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Table 1 Questions included in the electronic questionnaire sent to medical schools

From: Teaching and learning about dementia in UK medical schools: a national survey

1. Which medical school are you responding on behalf of?  
2. Is it possible to provide external access to the content of your curriculum? Yes/No  
3. How would you describe the structure of the curriculum at your medical school? A:traditional/B:problem-based/C:integrated/D:spiral/E: accelerated/graduate/F:other (free text)  
4. Which areas (courses/modules/clinical rotations) of your curriculum formally include dementia? Free text  
5. With reference to Q4, please supply curricular learning outcomes relevant to dementia. Free text  
6. Which methods are used to deliver teaching on dementia? A:lecture/B:seminar/C:clinical placement/D:home/community visits/E:student assignment/F:case-studies/G:other (free text)  
7. Which professionals are involved in the delivery of teaching on dementia? A:old-age psychiatrist/B:GP/C:neurologist/D:geriatrician/E:mental health nurse/F:ethicist/G:other (free text)  
8. Are curriculum outcomes on dementia formally assessed? Yes/No  
9. Has there been any attempt at you medical school to evaluate the impact of teaching about dementia e.g. student feedback, change in knowledge/skills/attitudes? Yes (free text)/No/Don’t know  
10. Have there been any changes, or plans for changes, to the curriculum in response to the National Dementia Strategy 2009? Yes (free text)/No/Don’t know  
11. Are people with dementia or their carers involved in the design or delivery of undergraduate medical education at your institution? Yes (free text)/No/Don’t know  
12. Are students guaranteed to interact with patients with dementia in the clinical environment before they graduate? Yes/No/Don’t Know  
13. Are students guaranteed to interact with carers of people with dementia with before they graduate? Yes/No/Don’t know  
14. Would you be prepared to be approached for ongoing consultation about the development of dementia-specific curriculum? Yes/No/Maybe  
15. Would you like a copy of the results of the survey? Yes/No  
16. Any further comments. (Free text)