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Table 3 Physician practice patterns at 6 months post-training

From: Improving dementia diagnosis and management in primary care: a cohort study of the impact of a training and support program on physician competency, practice patterns, and community linkages

Physician use of cognitive assessment tools (N = 14)a
  Pre-training % currently use 6 month follow up % currently use Pb
Mini-Cog 21 93 .002
AD-8 7 57 .016
Physician information sharing c (N = 28)
  % Reporting
Other practice providers 50
Other practice staff or nurses 54
Providers in outside practices 21
  1. aOnly 14 physicians were asked specifically about use of these tools at both baseline and follow-up.
  2. bExact test for related samples.
  3. cPhysicians were asked: In the months since the training, have you used the information gained to train, teach or consult with the following.