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Table 1 Guidelines for heavy resistance strength training

From: A best practice fall prevention exercise program to improve balance, strength / power, and psychosocial health in older adults: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Exercise variables Recommendations
Intensity Defined by level of difficulty, fatigue and number of repetitions
Beginner: 12 – 13 RPE (somewhat hard)
Advanced: 14 – 16 RPE (hard)
Quality Technically correct movement
Maximal range of motion
Speed of movement, contraction velocity 2 s concentric muscle contraction, 2 s eccentric muscle contraction (ratio 1:1)
Sets 2 – 3 (at home 3 sets)
Frequency 2 group sessions per week and 1 session alone at home (alternating strength / power and balance training)
Repetitions Beginner: 10 – 15 (moderate resistance until muscle fatigue)
Advanced: 8 – 12 (high resistance until muscle fatigue)
Rest 2 min. between sets
  1. RPE rate of perceived exertion.