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Table 1 Themes emerging from interviews with family carers of people with dementia

From: Why are family carers of people with dementia dissatisfied with general hospital care? a qualitative study

Category Theme
The person with dementia Physical and mental health problems
Stage of dementia
Distress behaviours
Previously expressed wishes
Current perceptions and wishes
Quality of life
Family carers Physical and mental health problems
Own experiences of hospital
Judgements of benefit of admission and treatment
Relationship with the person with dementia
Relationship with healthcare professionals
Communication with professionals Level of trust
Accurate information
Ease and amount of individualised contact
Judgment of professionalism
Attitudes towards older people and those with dementia
Convergence in expectations about outcomes
Treatment Medical and nursing care
Basic hygiene needs
Feeding and cups of tea
Comfort needs and timely response
Number of invasive procedures and necessity for them
Medication, sedation and pain control
Multiple bed moves
End-of-life transitions
Family and friends Geography of family
Ease of access to hospital
Advocacy network
Tensions between members of family and friends
Charities for support
Systems Bed moves and ward transfers
‘Four hour wait’ target in emergency department*
Signage in emergency department
Visiting times
  Treatment and advocacy policies
  1. * Government policy that patients attending the emergency department should be assessed, treated and discharged or admitted to a ward within four hours of arrival.