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Table 2 Example of the analytical process

From: Frail elderly patients’ experiences of information on medication. A qualitative study

Meaning unit Code Subcategory Category Main category
I trust the doctor, that these are the right medicines for me Confidence in the doctor, despite lack of information about side effects Confidence in the medications and in the physician Trust/confidence Comfortable with information
The ordination you get from a doctor, I think you should stick to it and if it doesn´t help, you should call the doctor to get the green light. You shouldn´t medicate yourself. You should adhere to the doctor´s ordination and not change it yourself Compliance   
I am very satisfied, since I don´t miss any information, about anything, what kind of pill it is or why I get it and if she changes the dose she tells me why. Very satisfied with the complete information from the doctor. Receives information when changes are performed and why. Satisfactory information Satisfaction with information  
.such as when I am called for an appointment with my doctor, then he isn´t at the ward but in the consulting room where we sit in peace and quiet and talk. Information in peace and quiet during the next visit is appreciated Timing of information   
-Have you got any information about possible adverse effects of these medicines? *No information about possible adverse effects. Had to read about it herself. Reading package leaflets Taking control  
-No, I have read about it on the leaflets. And I have read there what they are good for. *Read about indications on the leaflet