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Table 1 Secondary Outcome Measures for BTB Trial

From: A community-integrated home based depression intervention for older African Americans: descripton of the Beat the Blues randomized trial and intervention costs

Domain Description of Measure # of Items
Functional difficulties Level of difficulty (1 no difficulty to 5 unable to do due to health problem) with items reflecting ambulation, self-care and instrumental activities of daily living [31]. 18
Depression knowledge Self-efficacy concerning ability to recognize and treat depression rated from absolutely confident (4) to not confident at all (1) [32]. 10
Behavioral Activation Behavioral Activation Scale (Abbreviated) contains items rated on a scale from 0 not at all to 6 completely and address activation in a range of daily activities (e.g., stayed in bed too long; I accomplished the goals I set out to do to) [33]. 26
Anxiety State Anxiety Scale in which items are endorsed as 1 (very much) to 4 (not at all) [34]. 10
Quality of daily life Adapted from the Perceived Change Index, items reflect mood, sleep quality and daily well-being rated from 1 (gotten much worse in past month) to stayed the same (3) to improved a lot (5) [35]. 14
Overall quality of life Adapted from the Quality of life for Alzheimer's Disease items are assessed from 1 (poor) to 4 (excellent) concerning experience of pleasure, hopefulness, positive relationships with family and friends [36]. 12