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Table 3 Multiple Forward Stepwise Logistic Regression Analysis of AQ Items

From: Informant-reported cognitive symptoms that predict amnestic mild cognitive impairment

AQ Item Odds Ratio 95% CI p-value
Does the patient repeat questions or
statements or stories in the same day?
13.12 (3.02, 57.66) 0.001
Does the patient frequently have trouble knowing the day, date, month, year, and time; or does the patient reference a newspaper or calendar for the date more than once a day? 17.97 (2.63, 122.77) 0.003
Excluding physical limitations, does the patient have trouble paying bills or doing finances; or are family members taking over because of concerns about ability? 11.60 (2.10, 63.99) 0.005
Does the patient have a decreased sense of direction? 5.84 (1.09, 32.30) 0.04