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Table 2 Title content of booklet and flipchart

From: Development and analysis of acceptance of a nutrition education package among a rural elderly population: an action research study

Booklet (10 messages) Flipchart (6 guides)
Message 1: Take a variety of food What is obesity?
  Guide 1: Weight management
Message 2: Be physically active for muscle Strength What is hyperlipidemia?
  Guide 2: To reduce fat & cholesterol
Message 3: Take at least 3 main meals in a day What is hypertension?
  Guide 3: To control Blood Pressure
Message 4: Increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables What is Diabetes Mellitus?
  Guide 4: To control Blood Sugar
Message 5: Meet your calcium requirement What is Fiber?
  Guide 5: To increase fiber in diet
Message 6: Reduced intake of foods high in fat and cholesterol Guide 6: Exercise for older people
Message 7: Reduced salt in cooking and foods high in sodium content  
Message 8: Reduced sugar and foods high in sugar  
Message 9: Drink plenty of water  
Message 10: Safe food handling